Ultra Glide system

Ultra Glide System


The Eurotrak Vertical Blind System has been designed and perfected to meet the highest American and European standards. The system incorporates the most modern improvements including:

  1. Removable and repairable pinion.
  2. Dual or combination friction and magnetic rod support.
  3. Improved tolerances in the pinion and worm screw.
  4. Improvements in design of the end cap and track have not only improved the appearance, but special attention has been made, in the design, and plastic technology, to improve the smoothness of operation.


1. End Cap Set 11. Runner
2. Shaft Pin 12. Cord Drive Runner
3. Top Clip 13a. Friction Rod Support
4. Operating Chain 13b. Magnetic Attachment
5. Distance Tube 14. Retaining Washer
6. Tilt Rod 15. Bottom Weight
7. Track 16. Bottom Chain
8. Slat Holder 17. Cord Weight
9. C-Clip 18. OperatIng Cord
10. Link