PVC-Plain 50mm


PVC Modwood 50mm

Colour Accuracy Policy:
Although we do our best to make sure that the colours printed on our web site are accurate, actual colours will vary. In addition, subtle colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, and can’t be returned, you need to be sure that you can live with any colour variations that are possible from our scanning of the actual samples. If an exact colour match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal colour variations as stated by the manufacturers.

• This product is a great alternative in instances where the environment is not suitable for wood blinds and becoming ever more popular.
• The Modwood (PVC) venetian blind is available only in 50mm width slatting.
• The blind comes standard with valance and ladder string. If you require ladder tape (the broad tape) use the same examples as for the wood venetian blinds and either colour co-ordinate them or choose something totally contrasting.
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• To affix the valance we supply clear valance clips. Should you prefer velcro please specify on order clearly.
These blinds are NOT supplied with plugs and screws!
• Please note that the lift control and tilter control will be on opposite sides of the blind. Should the lift control be on the lefthand side, the tilter mechanism will be on the right and vice versa. The reason being that one needs more ladder on the Modwood than on the wood and the first ladder station starts too close to the edge to fit in both control and tilter neatly. Should you wish for the control and the tilter to be on the same side please request on order but be aware that it might look slightly unbalanced.

• This product is made from a high quality PVC which is environment friendly. BUT REMEMBER IT IS A PVC PRODUCT which means there is NO guarantee on warping, bowing, discolouring, etc. I am pleased to report that we have received almost no complaints about before-mentioned and for that reason we do not sell dark colours as dark colours tend to be problematic. Complaints that have come through are normally due to installation setup or circumstances under which blinds have been installed.
• They are highly suitable for places with humidity (different to heat buildup) and where moisture is prevalent which makes this one of the most robust products to install. It is important though that there is ventilation as heat buildup and wetness will cause problems. The temperature between blind and window can be double the temperature in the sun. The PVC slatting is quite safe to use in moist areas but high concentrations of moisture can cause corrosion of the headrail whether aluminium or metal. There is a difference between humidity caused by steam yet enough ventilation and humidity where windows/doors are not opened for long periods of time where one can actually smell the wetness / dampness. Even damp or clammy walls can cause problems to the blinds.
• Warping of slatting and the bottom rail may occur when the product is used in extreme temperature conditions or the blind is left in one position for an extended period of time. Try and tilt slats to the front and the back on a regular basis if possible.
• These blinds should not be too wide. Rather split them. We would prefer for this product to be no wider than 1800mm, but we can make the width to 2400mm, but then the drop shouldn’t be too long. If too wide and long at the same time the ladder and cord strengths will be tested to the limit. Hence the sagging in many instances. Nor can the lifespan of the components of the blind be guaranteed as too much strain is placed on them.
• These blinds must be transported and stored flat until they are installed in the window. Do not keep in a heated vehicle for too long!  Heat in vehicles is tremendous.  If these regulations are not adhered to, the blinds will warp and twist before even having been installed. That is inevitable!
• These blinds are manufactured for light control and not entirely for privacy due to the thickness of the slats similar to those of the wood products.
• Modwood blinds are 35% heavier than real wood and large blinds are not suitable for areas where they have to be lifted regularly.
• They are only suitable inside showers if there is ventilation for them to dry out as warping can occur otherwise and they are not suitable for exterior use.
NB.The product has to be stored flat and in a cool place before installation – if placed in a skew position the slats will warp before installation!
NB. Be aware that dyelot differences in slatting are possible, therefore try and order once off when requiring a number of blinds and indicate whether blinds are in one opening. We can never guarantee the same dyelot in different batches. We even find that there are colour variations in the same batch.
• Should it be evident that these products are treated with disrespect, resulting in damage, unusual/unnatural warping or discolouration, these will not be replaced. Before a complaint is lodged, make sure that you do a full investigation into the reason for the problem, eg windows being left open, too close to the sea, no regular cleaning, window or door frames not fitting snugly into walls, wet or damp areas around the building, thickness and type of glass used for the openings etc.