Aluminium -16mm


Aluminium – 16mm

Colour Accuracy Policy:
Although we do our best to make sure that the colours printed on our web site are accurate, actual colours will vary. In addition, subtle colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, and can’t be returned, you need to be sure that you can live with any colour variations that are possible from our scanning of the actual samples. If an exact colour match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal colour variations as stated by the manufacturers.

• The venetian blind is a practical solution not only in offices with glare problems on computer or TV screens/monitors, but also in private homes where there is the desire for an elegant modern solution that allows little light to enter as well as ensures privacy.
• Blinds comprise high tensile, vinyl coated aluminium slats.
• Slat widths are 16mm, 25mm and 50mm.
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• All pins are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting (at the coast this cannot always be guaranteed yet the life span is far longer than that of metal pins).
• Cords, ladders and head- and bottom rails are colour coordinated to match the colour of the slats.
• The headrail comes complete with endcaps, plated steel universal installation brackets (50mm) and plated steel fixing clip brackets (16 & 25mm) as well as moulded plastic (for 16 & 25mm) and metal (for 50mm) hold-down brackets (on request) for the bottom rail. Aluminium or metal headrails can corrode if subjected to high levels of moisture and salt, ie coastal areas or close to the sea. One needs only to look at aluminium handles, door and window frames!!
• Opening, closing and tilting of slats to any desired angle is activated with a clear hard plastic wand through the tilter gear (for 16 & 25mm). To facilitate the opening, closing and drawing up of the 50mm blind a cord is used instead of a wand.
• Where the 50mm blind has brackets for side returns on boxed valances (for face fit blinds) this is not an option for the 16 or 25mm blinds because of the width of the valance edges. Side returns should then be affixed with a strong glue.
• An operating cord is used to pull the blind up and down. Only operate the lift controls once the slats are in an open horizontal position.
• 50mm aluminium blinds are supplied standard on a 50mm headrail.
• The 50mm venetian blind is becoming increasingly popular. The 50mm venetian is a statement blind and has come into its own as trendy and dramatic, enhancing and complementing the latest building and décor fashions.
• The 50mm aluminium venetian can be fitted with ladder string or tape (of cloth) depending on the look you desire for the blind.
• The aluminium wood-lookalike blind with wood trimmings is an exciting product as an alternative to real wood. When wood trimmings are requested the blind is fitted with a real wood valance, bottom rail, wand and toggle which gives the blind an extremely authentic wood look at minimal cost.
• The 25 & 50mm wood-lookalike venetians are manufactured standard with wood trimmings. The 50mm products can be fitted into large-sized windows with ease as they are far lighter than wood and easy to handle. These blinds have become as ultra-modern as the real macoy with the added advantage of stability.
• For the 25mm aluminium blinds we supply screws and plugs but NOT for the 50mm aluminium blind.
• Please note that venetian blinds are made for light control. It is possible to peep through from the outside if one bends down and looks upward, through the gaps towards the ceiling. If blinds are extremely long the lowest part of the slats tends to close not as snugly as the rest of the blind. This is normal.
• Aluminium venetian blinds close to the sea (and all coastal towns are close to the sea!!) should be washed off regularly to rid the blind of salt deposits on the slats and do not allow moisture to accumulate on slats. There will be corrosion if not treated properly!! To do this: remove the blind from the window, lay open on a flat surface outside and rinse off with a hosepipe. You can even use a light dishwashing liquid in the water to be rinsed off afterwards. Wait for the blind to dry and clip back into place once dry. Do not pull the blind up while it is still wet or damp. Slats should also be wiped down with a soft cloth on a regular basis in heavily polluted and/or coastal areas.
• NB. Be aware that dyelot differences in slatting are possible, therefore try and order once off when requiring a number of blinds and indicate whether blinds are in one opening. We can never guarantee the same dyelot in different batches. We even find that there are colour variations in the same batch.

• All metallic colours, perforated, pure aluminium and exotic coloured slats are especially not recommended for coastal or damp areas. No replacements will be provided should blinds be installed in these areas. Should it be evident that venetian blinds are treated with disrespect, resulting in corrosion and oxidation, these will not be replaced. Before a complaint is lodged, make sure that you do a full investigation into the reason for oxidation, eg windows/doors being left open, too close to the sea, no regular cleaning, window or door frames not fitting snugly into walls, wet or damp areas around the building, thickness and type of glass used for the openings etc.